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Our Programs - Acting

Behind the glitz and glam of every film star there is a lot of hard work. As they say, a lot of tears, blood and sweat is involved in the journey leading up to the first movie. If you think you have the talent and passion to make it big in the film industry, then we are the right choice for you. CMPTL Academy introduces 1, 3, 6 months & one year training programs in acting. It will be conducted by some of the reputed professionals in the industry.


  • Certified training course from the industry experts.
  • Training focuses on helping students to discover the actors in them and provides them with a thorough foundation of acting skills.
  • Helping students to understand the basic techniques involved in developing their acting skills.


  • Basic introduction to the film industry and more in-depth knowledge in acting as a career.
  • Gain Professional experience.
  • Acquire additional skills which help an actor to play different roles.


This includes methods used by any performer in giving the best and most accurate portrayal of a character. Training includes understanding contemporary methodologies and applying it to the art of Acting.

The course consist of these subjects:

  • Navarasa of 9 Expressions
  • Body Language
  • Acting Method
  • Dialogues and Delivery Method
  • Legend Details
  • Voice & Face Modulation
  • Inner Acting
  • Voice Acting
  • Stage Fear + & -
  • Modeling
  • Camera Sense & Favours, Looks
  • Acting Techniques
  • Acting on a Camera
  • Audition Attend


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