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Event Management

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Our Programs - Event Management

Event management is a multi-million dollar industry which is growing at the rate of 150% per annum with events being hosted almost daily. So making a career in event management is not at all a bad choice. Occasions and events are an important part of human life. We cannot circumvent them since they touch all attributes of our social existence. The field of event management not only requires a great amount of creative skills but also involves lots of discipline and meticulous planning. Planning an event is an event in itself. The job of organizing an event begins with the very basics. The client comes to the event manager with a vague idea in mind. It is entirely up to the event manager to work on the idea and turn it into a reality. Events could be anything from concerts, product launches, conferences, promotions, press conferences, jubilee celebrations and farewells to television based events, fashion shows, wedding or parties… it could be just anything, and we can train you to do anything.


  • Interactive session includes theoretical classes, Interactive face to face sessions, and Group discussions.
  • Enhances your event management skills, coordination skills.
  • Prepare the students to get in to a career in event industry.


  • Leadership Qualities.
  • Public Relations Skills
  • Event Coordination Skills.
  • Basic Introduction about an event organizing – From Planning till submission of Event report.


Two days short term training program which is conducted by the industry certified professionals from the event management field. Includes interactive session which can be useful for those who dreaming a career in event management.

The course consist of these subjects:

  • Introduction to Event Management and Public relations.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Planning and Coordination.
  • Crew Management and Risk Handling.
  • Different types of Events and Promotion.


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