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Our Programs - Pottery

Fashioning your own pots, cups, vessels and ornaments using a squishy, squashy material called clay can be one of the most satisfying past times to take up. Creating clay pots with your hands was the norm before potter's wheels were used and is still a great skill to master today, which is why some pottery course providers choose to focus on it. Whether you are an absolute beginner looking for a brand new hobby or a seasoned potter, there is a pottery course out there for you. CMPTL Academy’s two day pottery training class will give you an introduction to the pottery making as well as a head start for those who are all set for an entry to the pottery making field.


  • Interactive sessions with the best pottery instructors.
  • Real time practical sessions includes introduction to Pinching, a great method to start with for beginners and children.
  • Introducing to different types of clays used for pottery making.


  • Introduction to the pottery art.
  • Clay preparation.
  • Wedging techniques.
  • Introduction to throwing for beginners.


The course consist of these subjects:

  • Introduction – Throwing on potter’s wheel.
  • Covering: clay preparation, wedging, centering clay on the wheel and throwing basic cylinders.
  • Basics of Pinching, Coiling, Slabbing.
  • Basics of Centering, Opening, Pulling up the walls.


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