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Photography Courses

We are equipped with world class Photography mentors who stand complimentary to your effort.

Our Programs - Photography Courses

Camera is one of man’s greatest inventions. Are you kind of person who wants to view your life through the lens of a camera? Then here we are offering you a complete photography training program. It’s not a big deal just to click with a digital camera. But if you want to click like a pro and capture the special moments, we can help you. CMPTL Academy offers you a great platform for meeting up the professionals in the industry, who can guide you to the new way of capturing.


  • Interactive training from the certified professionals in the photography.
  • Practical session with advanced Studio facilities.
  • A brief introduction to basics of digital camera, lenses and studio flashes.
  • Brief about both indoor and outdoor shooting.


  • Knowing the basics of the Digital Photography.
  • Introduction to the basics of using different lenses and flashes.
  • How to measure studio flashes and ambient lights.
  • Basics of Indoor and Outdoor Shooting.


This two days program is for everybody who looks for an introduction in to the fascinating world of photography. Training scheduled in two days which includes basic introduction class, Indoor shooting, outdoor shooting and brief introduction to the different lenses.

The course consist of these subjects:

  • Introduction to digital photography.
  • How to use the studio lightings.
  • Still life photography
  • Product Photography.
  • Introduction to Indoor and Outdoor Shooting.
  • Portrait Photography


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