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We are equipped with world class Cooking mentors who stand complimentary to your effort.

Our Programs - Cooking

Great Cooking favors the prepared hands. People of all age ranges should learn to cook the food that they enjoy eating, so that they can understand what each dish is comprised of and how to adapt it to their preference. A recipe has no soul; at the time of cooking you must bring the soul to the recipe. And if you have the passion towards cooking, we can help you to bring the soul to your recipes. CMPTL Academy’s cooking class is enriched with certified professional chefs. And we are providing you an opportunity to get trained under them.


  • Two day workshop includes practical and theory classes from the certified professionals.
  • An intensive course which includes international and traditional cooking recipes.
  • A platform for the students to showcase their variety dishes.
  • Course structure includes Cooking lab and other facilities.


  • Introduction to basic cooking methods and right mixture of Recipes.
  • Brief knowledge about Italian and other dishes, Recipes.
  • Introduction to North Indian and South Indian dishes.
  • A Certified cooking training course from the professionals.


We offer a wide variety of Cookery Courses for a wide range of audience. All courses are prepared keeping in mind that recipes are made easy to learn and easy to cook. Each recipe is created after careful study and research, taking care of the nutritional value of each ingredient.

The course consist of these subjects:

  • Introduction to Cooking and Kitchen Equipment.
  • Different types of Cuisines.
  • Indian Cuisines.
  • Salads & Starters.
  • Cakes & Desserts.
  • Other Cuisines.


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