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Video Shooting

We are equipped with world class Videography mentors who stand complimentary to your effort.

Our Programs - Video Shooting

If you have good aesthetic awareness, are technologically skilled, and enjoy working with the people then you might like to become a videographer. Being a part of some of the most special and intimate events in people’s lives can be very rewarding. If videography is a hobby of yours, it might be time to take it as a career. Getting a start might be difficult, but your talent will be recognized in time, and plenty of opportunities should follow. For now, we are that opportunity for you. CMPTL Academy provides a platform for you to get a head start to your career in videography.


  • Opportunity to attend an effective interactive session with the certified industry experts.
  • Seven day program includes the basics of both indoor and outdoor shooting.
  • Students will be submitting their own individual project at the end of the training.


  • Become completely familiar with the operations and capabilities of your video camera.
  • Develop the eye of a great videographer and embark on a new professional path.
  • Learn the fundamentals of audio and lighting technique for video.


This Course is for the amateur photographers who want to learn how to use the video functions of the camera.

The course consist of these subjects:

  • Fundamentals of audio and lighting techniques for video.
  • Basic handling techniques of video camera.
  • Understand the entire video process from pre-production to post-production and the process in between.


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