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Sales Training

We are equipped with world class Sales Training mentors who stand complimentary to your effort.

Our Programs - Sales Training

The learning objectives of effective sales training programs are generally to improve the relationship between sales professionals and their clients, and to improve the sales performance and close rates of sales professionals. A good sales person will be aware of the market and changing consumer behaviors. The training programs under the Sales training vertical are essentially about ensuring that the person responsible for selling is able to customize and adapt his approach to appeal to the buyer's sensibility. Our approach goes beyond formal teaching as we focus on sharing maximum case studies and presentations along with effective face to face interaction with each and every candidate.


  • Interactive training from certified experts.
  • Effective sessions including the power point presentation and case studies.
  • Opportunity to have a session with the best persons from the sales industry.


  • Strong Cold Calling skill and Professionalism over the telephone to advanced selling skills and negotiation.
  • Key Account Management.
  • Ability for an effective face to face interaction with the clients.


This is a two days training program which emphasize on the topics for the effective sales strategies. The training program will be a mixture of interactive classes with power point presentations and case studies.

The course consist of these subjects:


Human Behaviour and types of communication (As a First step here we will make the participants to understand their style of communication through our unique behavior test. Rest of the training will be based on the 4 distinct communication styles they possess. This will act as a base to understand different types of customers and alter their communication style).

  • Understanding products viz… Commodities, Brands, Services
  • Understanding customers based on type of customer or Buying etc...
  • Sales process: Pre Sale: Suspecting and prospecting (Understand and classify based on Products , Needs and Geography)
  • Need satisfaction selling: Sell the way customer wants to buy. Importance and Stages of Need satisfaction selling. Art of Probing and understanding the needs. Understanding the concept of Need behind the Need.
  • Proposing the Sale
  • Negotiation: Styles of Negotiations, Understand and usage of Body language in Negotiations. Negotiating with Tough customers (Low Ball technique /Bait and Swatch technique Etc...)
  • Art of closing the sales , understanding buying signals
  • Types of closing viz…Direct close, Summary of Benefits close, Assumptive Close etc…
  • Customer relationship management- A simple and Effective way to increase sales effectiveness.




Choose Right Industry & Profile

A 30 minute discussion will be done with the candidate, to understand his skills, interest, education and vocational skills. Based on this discussion candidate will be advised to choose industry and his profile which is most suitable for him/her.

Choose Your Company

A comprehensive discussion will be done on the need and skill analysis, with critical factors like Industry, company requirement and skills gap analysis. A detailed roadmap will be given to the candidate for choosing right company/role/job title/location etc…

Write a Winning Resume

Candidates are given hand holding in writing their own resume. An hour long exercise with the mentors to write their own resumes will be helpful in understanding their own strengths and their achievements. Since the candidates are writing their own CV it is easy for them to project themselves positively in the interviews.

Interview Technique Coaching

Many books/coaching materials/web articles are available in this subjects but still a fresher will always face a tinge of fear in interviews. We will equip the candidates with appropriate techniques and motivate them to face positively. Through a 30 Min session (direct or through telephone) candidate will be given enough inputs to face interviews fearless.

Prepare to Excel

In this 45 min session candidates will be given inputs about the corporate world, Corporate etiquettes, art of handling awkward situations in the first week, How to seek help from seniors and process of learning things quickly. Follow-up programs, preferably in a group to fine tune the issues. On job performance evaluation and applying appropriate strategies to face the situation.


Career mapping through behaviour analysis

Our natural behaviour and behaviour with external environment is based on the combination of these four characteristics. If one understands these four basic behavioural traits and studies it against various day-to-day situations he/she can be successful. Be it in their studies/job/Relationship/Communication with others or for any situation, this tool can guide you in behaving exactly what situation demands.

Performance coaching

Become an extraordinary performer from a mediocre. This assignment based program targets individual executives to change their behaviours, attitudes and guide them step by step to improve your professional performance.


Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development; mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time, In this program professionals can discuss with the mentors about their careers and take help to improve their performance. This is a long term assignment based program which involves continuous coaching and training.

Choose a new career

Want to change your job/industry/location? Confused whether to take it or continue with the same organization? We at “CMPTL Academy” help you in making these decisions.
In this 45 Min one –to –one program we will help you in identifying an ideal career path. This includes re writing the CVs, conducting skill tests to decide the ideal career path, Ideal industry and company. Through our associate Placement consultants we can help you to be placed in target companies.


Expert Lecture

“CMPTL Academy” offers various guest lecturer programs through its associate consultants to impart practical Knowledge and exposure to the students. We have a pool of Industry experts in various

Technical and Management streams who can share their acquired Knowledge with the students. “CMPTL Academy” can also help colleges to design innovative industry academic interaction programs.

Employability skills

Many surveys and experts indicated their views on the employability skills of our students. Employability skills are not limited to communication Skills or Technical skills; it is the overall grooming of the student and his readiness to enter in to corporate world. “CMPTL Academy” offers a 3 – Phase workshop on developing Employability skills Development. During and after the workshop students are given sufficient hand holding in becoming a professional.

Entrepreneurship development programs

Entrepreneurship is a passion. The seed of entrepreneurship is to be implanted in the minds at the stage of college graduation itself. Experts in “CMPTL Academy” will help colleges in conducting training programs and workshops on Entrepreneurship Development.


Experts in “CMPTL Academy” conduct training programs on “Sales excellence” “Leadership Skills” “Performance coaching”. Through our associate partners we provide Talent acquisition solutions in Middle and senior management Levels.


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